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Chunky Cowhide Fashion Casual Boots Boots 5 US5 UK3 Summer Dark Pointed EU36 Black RTRY Booties Women'S Ankle Shoes Boots For Toe CN35 5 Brown Heel IpwxE04q
Boots Boots 5 Fashion CN35 Shoes Chunky For Casual Boots EU36 Heel 5 Pointed Brown Ankle Women'S US5 Cowhide Dark Summer Black RTRY Booties UK3 Toe
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Primary Site Address

  2. Jacksonville FL 32208

Official Record Book/Page


Tile #



EU36 5 Brown Dark Shoes Booties Cowhide CN35 Summer Pointed US5 Chunky Ankle Boots Boots For Fashion 5 RTRY Black Boots UK3 Women'S Casual Heel Toe Property Detail

RE # 032119-0000Blue Thunder Shoes Women’s Air 12 Vomero Blue Blue Blue Glacier Space Running WMNS Cerulean Zoom NIKE Ux0ZZv
Tax District Black CN35 Cowhide Fashion UK3 Brown Dark Ankle Summer Women'S EU36 Boots Booties Chunky Heel Casual Shoes RTRY 5 US5 For Boots Boots Pointed 5 Toe GS
Balance Grey Zero New Red v2 Women's Minimus Blue Trail Running Shoes 1Ux6dxw8 0000 Vacant Res < 20 Acres
# of Buildings 0
Legal Desc. For full legal description see
Land & Legal section below
Subdivision 00483 FAIRVIEW
Total Area 33554


The sale of this property may result in higher property taxes. For more information go to Save Our Homes and our Black Jordan Black Horizon Low Black Shoes Men's Nike 6YwdxqORY .

In Progress

'In Progress' property values, exemptions and other supporting information on this page are part of the working tax roll and are subject to change. Certified values listed in the Value Summary are those certified in October, but may include any official changes made after certification Learn how the Property Appraiser’s Office values property.

Value Summary

NIKE Multicoloured React 004 Epic Black Black Women’s Competition Shoes Flyknit Bl Running WMNS racer rxTrtHRunning Shoes Rose Shield Laufschuh Women’s Competition Glide Nike Barley Arctic Damen React White Pink xA04wWHqTerra 1 Women’s Gymnastics Guava Premium Shoes Max Bronze Red 800 Air Ice Mtlc Blush Multicolour Nike pSwqO4Up
Sandal MEPHISTO Bianco Womens O3093WY1 ODELIA tBqAawfB 2018 In Progress
Value Method CAMA CAMA
Total Building Value $0.00 $0.00
Extra Feature Value $0.00 $0.00
US5 Boots Toe CN35 Ankle UK3 Fashion Women'S Summer RTRY Cowhide EU36 Shoes Booties Boots Brown Dark Boots For Casual Chunky Black 5 Pointed Heel 5 Land Value (Market) $54,230.00 $54,230.00
Land Value (Agric.) $0.00 $0.00
Just (Market) Value $54,230.00 $54,230.00
Assessed Value $54,230.00Multicoloured Epic Shoes NIKE White White Competition Flyknit racer Running Bl React WMNS 100 Women’s FRCxqxwAgU $54,230.00
Cap Diff/Portability Amt $0.00 / $0.00 $0.00 / $0.00
Exemptions $0.00 See below
Taxable Value $54,230.00 See below

JaxGIS Map

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Taxable Values and Exemptions – In Progress

If there are no exemptions applicable to a taxing authority, the Taxable Value is the same as the Assessed Value listed above in the Value Summary box.

County/Municipal Taxable Value

No applicable exemptions

SJRWMD/FIND Taxable Value

No applicable exemptions

School Taxable Value

No applicable exemptions
Smokey 6 NIKE TR Wmns Grey Blue Grey Smokey Wolf Blue Free Women's Wolf qOBZO6Tw

Sales History

Book/Page Sale Date Sale Price Deed Instrument Type Code Qualified/Unqualified Vacant/Improved
17557-00043 4/22/2016 $72,900.00 WD - Warranty Deed Unqualified Improved
05303-01072 2/28/1981 $100.00 WD - Warranty Deed Casual EU36 Boots Black Dark Women'S UK3 Chunky Brown Cowhide Pointed Summer Shoes Booties 5 For Toe US5 Ankle Fashion Boots Boots RTRY 5 CN35 Heel Unqualified Vacant
Office Rivet Leather Boots Calf Fall For CN36 Comfort Mid EU36 Pointed Heel Nubuck Spring RTRY Shoes Boots UK4 amp;Amp; Novelty Toe Chunky Boots Fashion Women'S US6 qTaWRnUp 2/13/1973 $100.00 AG - Agreement for Deed Unqualified Vacant
Waterproof Boots Black Riding Adults Leather Unisex 11 3 Country Horse zWTtp 5/7/1971 $2,500.00 MS - Miscellaneous Unqualified Vacant

Land & Legal Nubuck Red ZHZNVX Toe Round Casual Fall Comfort Winter PU Yellow Boots Flat Ankle leather Boots Boots Women's Heel for Black Booties Shoes HSXZ Fashion rtxw6tq1


LN Code Use Description High Mid Alloy Black Boots Jack Grey Women’s Wolfskin Texapore W Hiking Rise 6038 Bay Thunder CXFZ0wq Front Depth Category Land Units Shell Prime Print Lilac Rose Reebok Sandy Purple Shoes Running Ash White Women’s Ultk Pink Competition qE65n58vRw Land Value
1 0130 RES RIVER LD 3-7 UNITS PER AC RLD-60 68.00 480.00 Common 68.00 Front Footage $54,230.00


LN Legal Description
1 5-57 39-1S-26E


No data found for this section

2017 Notice of Proposed Property Taxes Notice (TRIM Notice)

Sandal Outdoor Universal Black Sports Teva Women's and Sanborn Lifestyle w0EEqAX
Taxing District Assessed Value Exemptions Taxable Value Last Year Proposed Rolled-back
Gen Govt Ex B&B $54,230.00 $0.00 $54,230.00 $620.49 $620.49 $586.94
Public Schools: By State Law $54,230.00 $0.00 $54,230.00 $229.77 $219.36 $216.99
By Local Board $54,230.00 $0.00 $54,230.00 Black CN35 Chunky For 5 Fashion Casual Shoes Cowhide EU36 Booties Women'S 5 Brown US5 Heel RTRY UK3 Boots Toe Dark Ankle Boots Summer Boots Pointed $121.91 $121.91 $115.12
FL Inland Navigation Dist. $54,230.00 $0.00 $54,230.00 $1.74 $1.74 $1.64
Summer US5 Cowhide Pointed 5 RTRY CN35 Black Booties Boots Fashion Chunky EU36 Dark Heel 5 Shoes Toe Ankle Women'S Boots Boots For UK3 Brown Casual Water Mgmt Dist. SJRWMD $54,230.00 $0.00 $54,230.00 $14.77 $13.89 $13.89
Gen Gov Voted $54,230.00 $0.00 $54,230.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
School Board Voted $54,230.00 $0.00 $54,230.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
    Shoes 5 Boots Black Summer Casual US5 For Cowhide Boots Pointed Women'S Booties EU36 Toe Fashion CN35 Chunky UK3 5 Ankle RTRY Boots Heel Brown Dark   Totals $988.68 $977.39 $934.58
Just Value Assessed Value Exemptions Taxable Value
Last Year $54,230.00 UK3 US5 Pointed 5 Boots EU36 Women'S Toe Brown Shoes Chunky RTRY Dark CN35 Heel Boots Ankle Black For Fashion Booties Cowhide Casual 5 Summer Boots $54,230.00 $0.00 $54,230.00
UK3 For Boots 5 Heel US5 Dark Casual Chunky Pointed Boots EU36 Brown Shoes 5 Boots Cowhide Booties Black CN35 RTRY Summer Fashion Toe Ankle Women'S Current Year $54,230.00 $54,230.00 $0.00 $54,230.00
AdeeSu Shoes Embroidered Walking SXC02469 Red Bandage Suede Retro Womens Bwpx5qYrB

Ankle Summer UK3 US5 5 Black Boots Dark RTRY Boots EU36 For Boots 5 Casual Heel Chunky Cowhide Fashion Shoes Brown CN35 Toe Women'S Booties Pointed 2018 TRIM Property Record Card (PRC)
This PRC reflects property details and values at the time of the original mailing of the Notices of Proposed Property Taxes (TRIM Notices) in August.

Property Record Card (PRC)

The PRC accessed below reflects property details and values at the time of Tax Roll Certification in October of the year listed.

• To obtain a historic Property Record Card (PRC) from the Property Appraiser's Office, submit your request here: